segunda-feira, janeiro 26, 2015

White lace

Darkness, a strange place to be. Kindness, no thanks, no more cold feelings. Maybe a glass of wine, maybe even a fireplace, your hands.
I dreamed, since always, with your arrives. Different time and place, same people. I loved you, always and forever, and I've looked for you, I've protected you in my dreams, I've fought for you in my reality. The funniest thing is not how long have you been taken to come, how hard things were before something finally happens, it is that, obviously, you do not know about this feeling, you do not imagine who I am.
I was totally lost. Fine, I am! I was in a place where you do not even dreamed about, where I never want you to be, because the only feeling that I can have for you is love. That kind of love that makes you get lost and scream to everyone that you need that person.
I do not hope you can understand. I can say that myself only believed because you came to me, not in a street, not in a friend casual date, but in my dreams. Yes, I dreamed exactly with you, with us, feeling a so strong conexion that I could never compare you to other person in the whole world.
When you came, in my dreams, exactly in the same place that I found you, I felt a love so deep between us that I would make anything for you to feel this. Anything that I could do in this life to make you happy, I would, and that is something that you can not find every day or with any person.
When I close my eyes and feel, I see you, I see everything that we could be. If God knows what is best for us, I am sure He will give me to you, because I never, ever, wanted something so deeply, because I have this amazing certain that I was born to be yours.
The only thing that I want is to say to you how I feel. When you look to me and this look goes through me, when your heart beats close to mine, and my heart stops, for a second, until the next breath. In this little second and in much more seconds later, I want, with my soul, the day that I will carry you on my life. This day, when the sun goes down, I will look you in your eyes and say: "I knew, I loved you since the day I was made for God to you." In this night, our smell is going to be mixed, your taste in my mouth is going to be a recognition.
In the best day of our lives, I will embrace you with a white lace, because there is no bigger purity than what I have when I am with you. It's a white lace that says, "Hey, I was here, all the time, and I am yours, my purity is for you, only!" When your hands start the way of my soul, when your lips search for my sweet tongue, when your heart beats close to mine, when your voice is no more than a good silence... Then you will finally know, that love is this, love is about the person who talks to God about you every night, who asks for you every day in life. Please, be mine. God, please, be my white lace.